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About Us

We are a group specialized in audio and video technology for Hi end and IoT entertainment, which requires a unique user experience, to make your home the place where you always want to be.

As distributors, we approach profitable business solutions by understanding the needs of each client. With more than 10 years of experience, we represent the main brands in the industry.


Products & Solutions

Our Projects

Our Team

Martin Saul CEO - ICAP Global Director - AVIXA

Martín Saúl

CSO - ICAP Global (Ibérica)
Director – AVIXA

Román Ceriani

Executive Vice President GPA

Raul Peraita

Gerente de Operaciones y Canales

Rodrigo Sánchez

Responsable Pro AV & Digital Signage

Laura Sánchez

Responsable de Operaciones

Clara Jimenez


Alberto Collado

Ingeniero AV & UC

Alejandro Perez

Account Manager

Miguel Sánchez

Account Manager

Paco de Llano

Account Manager

Sergio Martos

Responsable de Ejecución de Proyectos

Ignacio Gañan

Ingeniero de Proyectos AV & UC

Carlos Salado

Hector González


Sandra Serrano

Sales and BD Iberia for Profesional

Sara García

Ingeniería ICAP Global


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