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About Us

We are a specialized group in Audiovisual Technology, Unified Communications, Collaborative and Intelligent Workspaces, Smart Buildings and IoT, IT infrastructure, managed services, and high-end entertainment.

We are dedicated to providing unique experiences at work, at home… or wherever you may be.

We are a multidisciplinary team of creative and expert minds who share a common passion: creating technological solutions that make a difference in your life.

Our mission is simple: to anticipate your needs and exceed your wildest expectations. Prepare to be amazed as we unveil products and services designed to revolutionize the way you perceive and interact with technology.

Our specialty lies in distributing and integrating technological solutions for businesses across all sectors, government bodies, and educational institutions.

We are a people-focused company committed to future technology.

Welcome to our technological world!

Purpose of ICAP Global

Our purpose is to be a leading company in technological innovation, enhancing collaboration and communication by integrating people, space, and experience into a global and sustainable approach.



Audiovisual involves the intersection of content, space, and technology, providing the necessary tools to convey ideas and improve communication in all human environments. Audiovisual solutions create memorable experiences and connect us with our world in every imaginable way. The spectacular sound you hear at a concert, the incredible digital screens you see in a museum, the video conferencing system you use in your office, the projected images you see in your corporate meetings, the technical magic used in theme parks to surprise and delight you—all of this is part of the AV industry.

In today’s hybrid world, where online and offline communication plays a key role, solutions such as In House Studios and Streaming capabilities have become fundamental in ensuring optimal communication both internally and externally. Our portfolio of solutions encompasses advanced content production and transmission technologies, allowing you to create impactful and immersive experiences. These tools contribute to maintaining close contact with people, driving talent retention, and ensuring effective communication across all channels.

Workspace Collaboration

We live in an era where collaboration is the key paradigm of communication in the workplace. We design technological experiences that enhance efficiency, accessibility, interaction, and productivity in the workspace, just when you need it most. By embracing this new approach, we create a work environment where synergy drives success.


Smart Workplace and Buildings is a concept based on collaboration technologies, space management, and IoT, transforming workspaces into living organisms managed efficiently and centered around people. Through space reservation, people counting, electricity consumption measurement, and air quality monitoring, a connected and intelligent environment is created. This human-centric perspective prioritizes the well-being of occupants, enhancing productivity and promoting a healthy and sustainable environment. With Smart Workplace and Buildings, space management becomes more efficient, adaptable, and aligned with the needs and expectations of people.


Ensuring an optimal and sustainable user experience over time is only possible with the best support methodology. Our portfolio of certified services will guarantee high availability and service quality through our support agreements, help desk, AVNoc, asset management, and outsourcing.


Imagine a wide variety of strategically placed digital screens, allowing for the transmission of dynamic and personalized content, creating visual impact and a distinctive, memorable experience. Digital Signage is a solution that optimizes communication in corporate spaces, retail environments, and experience centers. With centralized management, it enables content management and message segmentation, achieving visual impact and significant audience engagement. It addresses static communication challenges by providing updated and relevant information in real time, resulting in positive effects such as increased brand visibility, sales growth, and an enriching experience for customers and employees. Additionally, it provides audience data, allowing for continuous improvement in communication strategy.


Transform your home into an oasis of entertainment with our comprehensive offering. Immerse yourself in the excitement of a VIP cinema experience from the comfort of your own home. Fill every corner with immersive music thanks to our distributed audio system. Simplify your life with centralized control for lighting, temperature, and entertainment. Experience next-generation gaming from your sofa. Rediscover the authenticity of sound with HiFi Stereo and vinyl. Make your home the place where you always want to be, where every day is a celebration. Welcome to a new level of home entertainment!

Products and Solutions

Our specialization lies in the distribution, provision, and integration of technological tools that facilitate collaboration among people.

Digital Signage Smart Workplace Managed Services Workspace Collaboration Audiovisual Broadcast
Eco Office
  • Wayfinding
  • Digital Signage Corporate
  • Digital Signage Retail
  • Videowall
  • Lobbies and Architectural Video
  • Indoor & Outdoor LED
  • IPTV, Hospitality and Medical
Managed Services
  • Maintenance and Support services
  • Lyfecicle Services
  • Adoption Services
  • Consultancy
  • NOC & Monitoring
  • Renting & AVaaS
  • E-Waste
Audiovisual Broadcast
  • Control Rooms
  • Experience Centers
  • PA, Multiroom and Soundmasking
  • Debate, Voting Systems & Simultaneous Translation
  • Tour Guide - Auditoriums - SUMs
  • Live Presentations - Acoustic engineering
  • Projection Systems - Indoor & Outdoor LED
  • In House Streaming Studios - Event Streaming
  • Video Mapping
Workplace Collaboration
  • Google Meeting Rooms
  • Zoom Rooms
  • Microsoft Meeting Rooms
  • Hybrid offices and Education
  • Wireless presentation
  • Interactive Whiteboards and display
  • Cloud & On Premise Videoconference
  • All platforms & Interoperability
  • Mobile & BYOD
  • Visual Collaboration
Smart Workplace
  • Hot Desking
  • Room Booking/Parking Lot
  • Control, lighting and shading
  • Indoor Navigation
  • Locker/Incident management
  • Catering
  • Access Control
  • Occupancy analitytics
  • Energy Transparency and Sustainability
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • IP Infrastructure


Products & Solutions

Our Projects

Our Team

Román Ceriani

CEO ICAP Global Ibérica
Executive Vice President GPA

Martin Saul CEO - ICAP Global Director - AVIXA

Martín Saúl

CEO Grupo ICAP Global
Chairman AVIXA Board LSC

Raúl Peraita

Channel Manager Spain & Portugal

Rodrigo Sánchez

Responsable Pro AV & Digital Signage

Laura Sánchez

Adm & Ops Responsible

Clara Jimenez

Adm & Ops

Alberto Collado

Service Managment Workspace & Iot Engineer - CTS

Miguel Sánchez

Senior AM - AV/UC Consultant

Alejandro Perez

AM - AV/UC Consultant

Paco de Llano

AM - AV/UC Consultant

Sergio Martos

Lead Field Engineer

Francisco Chocano

Lead Field Engineer

Hector González

Lead Field Engineer

Sandra Serrano

Channel AM Spain & Portugal

Sara García

Engineering Coordinator Workspace & IoT

Cristian Felipe Navas García


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